This is what I look forward to all year long. I want more tomatoes than I know what to do with.  Which means, It's almost canning season.  I'm excited to have more salsa and sauce for the pantry.  I've also saved some tomato seeds, some lettuce seeds, and will have some green bean seeds for next year.

Next year, I will definitely grow more butternut squash plants.  I will also plant the rest of the squash later in the year to avoid vine borers.  And I want to plant fewer sun drying tomatoes and more paste tomatoes.  Although I can't say I'm unhappy with all the sun dried tomatoes currently in our freezer.

Dilly Beans

We had some extra green beans from the garden and tonight I started my preserving project.  These dilly beans were very easy to make and hopefully they'll taste good too.  Although in the future if I want to make pickles, I should also grow dill.  It would probably work better than dried dill.

Dilly Beans

Other projects for the weekend include working in the garden, running errands, and knitting.  Then, on Sunday we go to the ball game, which should be a log of fun.  It's been forever since I went to a baseball game.  I hope they replay the World Cup game Sunday night!