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Great Barrier Reef

The latest trip took us halfway around the world, to Bali and Australia. We scuba dived along the Great Barrier Reef and spotted clown fish, a lion fish, turtles, and cuttlefish, among thousands of underwater creatures. On land, we saw koalas and kangaroos and one reclusive wombat. In Bali, we had a bit of a motorbike accident, but we're okay and were able to visit several temples and see much of a beautiful, if crowded, island. Check out the pictures!






Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Things have been busy. I have a new job and fewer vacation days for travel adventures. I have, however, been exploring more of DC and need to get some of the photos off my phone to share here. Still missing Loki, but my parents have gotten a new puppy who is a bundle of energy. The garden didn't work well this year; the trees have grown so there isn't enough light. I'm going to look into community gardens nearby for next year. Frisbee season is upon us again, but I'm not quite as in shape as I was hoping to be. Even more than frisbee, I'm already looking forward to the next gourmet club, although I'm not sure yet when that will be. What else? I joined a book club. It's a great group and has got me reading a lot of new things that I've enjoyed. Oh, and we volunteered here near home on an archeological dig. We found shards of pottery and nails and an arrowhead. It was an experiment because we're thinking a future vacation may be volunteering on a dig somewhere.


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