Catching Up

Should I still have a blog?

My birthday is tomorrow and I've only posted once since my last birthday. Maybe I just need a photo site and not a blog.

What's new with me? Last year I did the Tough Mudder for my birthday; this year I tried an Escape Room. We made the leader board with one of the fastest solving times. We also had our end of season tourney day 2, several weeks late due to rain, and made it to the Finals. Today we'll spend in the garden, staking tomatoes, weeding, and warding off vine borers. I'll take pictures of garden and post; it's looking really nice. The peas have been eaten by deer, but everything else is doing nicely. We should start getting green beans soon. Tomorrow we're headed to Virginia for a picnic dinner and Flight of the Conchords concert. And then I go back to work, another year older.


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