Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Suddenly Spring

In a matter of a few days we went from the biggest snowfall of the year to 60 degrees and sunny. Sitting in the greenhouse on one of the first nice days of the year makes all the frustration of installing it worth it. The lemon and lime trees are flowering. The bay tree has just about doubled in size. The olive tree has buds.  And my banana plant now has 11 leaves. My tomato and pepper seedlings will have to be patient for the soil to warm up before they can go out to the garden in another month or two.

What else is going on? Loki has enjoyed the snow, as have I. I've been working on creating this Hobbes doll.  We went to New York to see Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, #JeffWeCan. We're looking forward to the ultimate frisbee season starting up again soon. And Loki is looking forward to fishing in the Bay again.

I'm also working on planning our next trip, which will be a driving tour of Scotland and Northern England. We'll stay in a castle in Scotland, take falconry lessons, stay at an 18th century pub in York, walk along a Roman Road in the Moors, hike part of Hadrian's Wall, explore ruined abbeys, and have all sorts of adventures tooling around the countryside in a Fiat 500. If anyone has ideas on what we should see, we're open to suggestions! Apart from a few days in Edinburgh, I've never been up that way before.


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