It's the Sweetest Time of the Year
Spring has arrived

My Garden Starts to Grow

There are seedlings in my window once again.  They're poking their first leaves above the surface and stretching up toward the grow light.  I love it.  The lemon and lime trees are blooming in the greenhouse and smell heavenly.  All the green living things inside provide stark contrast to the icy, snowy outdoors.

Channa masala is bubbling on the stove.  The dog is napping upstairs, on the bed.  I just finished a day of working at home.  Apart from the cold I'm coming down with, today has been a nice day.

Besides the seedlings, I have my projects.  I'm planning our next adventure and trying to learn several languages to prepare for it.  And I have done at least some cardio and strength training every day thus far in 2014 to prepare for the spring Ultimate season.  It should be a fun season.  Chris is even going to help me with sprint training once the snow melts.


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