First Harvest 2011

Fruits and Vegetables

 We've been doing a lot of work in the garden and enjoying this beautiful spring.  I've taken one of the empty beds in the garden and filled it with some native flowers that used to be in taking over our herb garden.


And now the herbs have more room to spread and grow.  The sage and chives are doing particularly well.  I'm hoping for the rosemary to revive.


And here is the garden.  It is growing nicely.  I don't have a close up of the peas but they are doing the best.  We've already picked one batch and hope to get another soon.


The tomatoes are also doing well.  Some even have a few flowers.  I'm just so proud of these guys.  I've been working on growing them since January and it's nice to see them thriving in the garden.


The squash and cucumber plants are starting to flower as well, although it seems a bit early for them.


Loki is enjoying the backyard.  And there are lots of flowers this time of year.


Our fruit trees are also starting to do their thing.  These, hopefully, will become apples.  I'm hoping to get more than the two apples we got last year.


The cherries are also starting to form.  They should ripen right after the strawberries.


And here are the plums.  We haven't gotten plums yet, but this is by far the healthiest of the fruit trees so I'm hoping we'll get fruit this year.


And of course, I'm waiting for these strawberries to turn red.  I know it's earlier than usual, but it's been a warm spring.  France's strawberries are already ripe and are three weeks ahead of schedule.


I can't believe we planted these only a couple of years ago.  They are doing really well and I'm hoping for lots of berries.


That's our garden update for now.


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