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First Harvest 2011

Our garden is on its way!  So far we've picked 2 dozen strawberries (with many more on the way), 5 very tiny radishes, 1 1/2 cups of pea pods, and enough lettuce for about 9 side salads and around a dozen sandwiches.

Currently, we have small green roma tomatoes growing.  Last weekend I picked off all the suckers on the tomato plants and that was a sad task considering how healthy those suckers already looked.  We also have a couple of very, very small green peppers on the way.  Our squash and cucumber plants are flowering. 

The blackberry bushes are blooming and the raspberry bushes have buds.  There are about a dozen cherries forming and also about a dozen gala apples.  Our plum tree has lots of little plums but last year it dropped all of them so we're hoping this year some hang on.  The grape vine we planted is just about to leaf out and 3 of the 4 blueberry bushes we planted recently are doing well (1 died for no apparent reason).  A weedwacker from our neighbor's lawn service took out most of our new black currant bushes, but we're hoping 2 of the 6 may still recover. 

I know it's early in the season, but I'm already looking forward to when we start canning.  I'm convinced that this will be the year we'll have enough of something.  We planted 19 tomato plants and 21 pepper plants, so here's hoping they live up their potential.  I have less hope for the watermelon plants and I'm rather disappointed in the spinach.  Next year we might not plant it.

The herb garden is doing well.  Our chives and sage are flowering.  Our rosemary made an attempt at a rebound after a cold winter and did not survive, so we replaced it with a small arp rosemary plant that should be more cold tolerant.  The basil plants are doing well, but I need to pinch off the tops so they get bushier.

I have found new entertainment going to other garden blogs online and seeing how their gardens are coming along.  There are also some friends nearby that garden and I'd love to start our own garden club where we share advice, extra plants, and seeds.


Matthew Singer

Wow, I can't believe you're harvesting already. I haven't even gotten plants in the ground yet.

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