Lesson Learned, Sort Of

Loki Recovering


Last Friday Loki gave us a scare.  She was walking stiffly and her stomach was distended.  We rushed her to the animal hospital where they x-rayed her, prepped her, and then she went right into surgery.  We are very lucky we went straight to the hospital because her stomach had twisted and if left untreated the condition would very quickly have become fatal.  The vet untwisted her stomach and she spent the next two days at the hospital recovering. 

She is now home and starting to get back to being herself.  She is on a restricted diet and she will not be allowed to run, jump, or rough house for the next 3-4 weeks.  We're just so happy to have her back and see her tail wag again.  She's going to be alright.  The vet stapled the outer wall of her stomach to her ribs, so hopefully that will prevent this from happening again.

I mention all this because twisted stomach is a condition that sometimes happens to large dogs, so owners should be aware of it and on the lookout.  It happens very quickly, sometimes due to eating and then exercising and sometimes without apparent cause.  If this happens, get to the nearest available vet as soon as possible.  Also, it is worth considering pet insurance.  This emergency comes with a hefty bill for surgery, recovery, medication, and follow up visits.


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